Wednesday , 22 November 2017

Share a Product Review/Feedback/Complaints

If you have recently purchased and used a product that you would like to write about, you can share on this website your personal reviews and experience of the product you used. You can include pros, cons, complaints and your feedback of the product and seller.

Read the following points to understand how this works.

  • You will win a recharge only if your review is accepted.
  • You must have personally used the product before you can write a review.
  • It is mandatory to include seller or website name (URL) from where you purchased the product.
  • It is recommended to include images of the original product you have.
  • Do not write about a product you have not personally used or it will be rejected.
  • Write in good English and avoid grammatical errors.
  • Only genuine product reviews will be accepted.
  • Send us your product name using our contact us form before submitting your review.
  • Also mention the product category for your review.
  • There is no word limit, but a good review should be minimum 200 words long.

Once you understand and agree with the terms, use the process below to share a product review.

  1. Tell us about the product your want to review, using our contact form
  2. If we accept that product & category, we will send you a confirmation email.
  3. You can then use the form below to submit your review of the product.
  4. If accepted, your review will be live on the website and a link will be shared with you.