Tuesday , 26 September 2017

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  1. During #massage, out skin cells send nerve signals to our brain #Spa
  2. In some countries, #massage is used as a cure to #epilepsy #Spa
  3. Most #spas also offer packages to men, pregnant women, and wedding parties
  4. A #spa is a place where you can get medicinal baths in mineral-rich water
  5. The word #spa originated from a Belgium town named Spa #Health
  6. #Spa is the best natural remedy for treating illness #SpaBenefits
  7. Four basic #spa treatments include #massage, #hair, #nails, and #skincare
  8. The word #massage was first used in England in the 15th century #SpaFacts
  9. #Massage is the most used spa treatment of all-time
  10. #Spa #massage is the best way to get instant rid of stress
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  14. Meet our top 4 Microcurrent Devices suitable for home use https://is.gd/hgDC6X
  15. Home micro dermabrasion is an affordable wrinkle reduction tool. Try it now https://is.gd/MjBv9k
  16. Remove #freckles and hair at home using this awesome device https://is.gd/Q5jaIC
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  21. Do you prefer going to a #spa or home #massage or #yoga therapy?
  22. How often do you visit a #spa or professional #massage center?
  23. Do you research well before booking a #spa appointment?
  24. Do you know your #skin type? Which #spa treatment do you prefer?
  25. What are some #skincare products you are currently using?
  26. How often do you use beauty devices and how satisfied are you with them?
  27. Do you consult with a skin therapist regularly for advice?
  28. Are you drinking enough water in a day? How much is enough?
  29. How will you rate your current #spa or #massage service?
  30. Do you have #marks on your #skin? How do you deal with them?

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