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Funny Gardening Stories

Gardening is mere a hobby for some people, but for others, it is a way of enjoying the life. Those, who have been working in the gardens for a very long time, usually come across many exciting moments and incidents that make sweet funny memories. Those, who are not much familiar with this field, think that gardening is a boring job, but in reality, it can be as exciting as any other work. Here, I am going to share some funny gardening stories that I came across during my career as a gardener.

#1 Story of an old man

This one is my favorite. There was an old man, who wanted to plant potatoes in his garden but was too old for the job. His only son was in prison. He once wrote his son saying that he was very sad being unable to dig up the garden alone. The son wrote back asking the old man not to dig up the garden as he has hidden some treasure there. The very next day, several policemen and troops showed up and tore up the whole garden in search of the treasure but found nothing. This was his son’s plan all along to help his father with the garden.

#2 Funny Story of a Gardening Client

One of my clients came back to my shop one day asking for refund against a dying plant. I checked to make sure if he followed the gardening instructions. I asked him if he watered it regularly. He said, “Yes, twice a week.” I asked if it was planted in proper sunlight. He said, “Yes, I used a bright summer shade.” I caught the problem. Your garden is supposed to receive direct sunlight, at least for a few hours every day, or it will die.

#3 My Secret Gardener

This one happened with one of my neighbors. He was out of the city for a few days and when he returned, his garden was all made up and beautiful. But he claimed that he never did it. He asked everyone, his family, and friends to find out who did it, but no one took the responsibility. The same thing happened once again when he was out on the job. Now, he got really confused about who might be secretly making up his garden. We later found out that it was his older brother who was doing the job to give his younger brother a nice surprise.

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